How to Change How You Feel About Someone With NLP

Hypnosis offers us many ways to approach personal change. Let’s elucidate this point a bit more in-depth. And to do this, we’re going to delve into an interesting hypnotic toolkit called NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). When someone interested in NLP approaches a problem, the first thing we want to do is to explore it to make a model of how it functions on a subjective level. In this specific use of NLP, we’re going to explore Read More

Two Words That Keep You Stuck

One could argue that are many turns of phrase and words that keep you stuck, but today, I’m going to tell you about two. Our words pre-frame our experiences. And no, don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you about some mind state boogeyperson or something about attracting things from the universe. But rather, what we say tells us how we are approaching the situation, about our apprehension of it, and the likely outcome. We Read More

Bad Day? “One Of THOSE Days… Weeks…?” — Three Things You Can Do About It NOW

Last week was a flaming POS. Pretty much everything that could go wrong did. I just had one of those days–every day last week. Bad day after bad day. Nothing I planned happened and most things were frustrating. (I even attempted to make the best of it and shot this video–watch how much calmer I get, but I had a ton of technical errors… then, errors posting it… so I gave up.) Has this ever Read More

Hypnosis is a State You go Into — Here are the Criteria!

Many, many people ask me, “What is hypnosis?” and the much more rude, “Does that stuff REALLY work?” I’ve made quite a few videos and written a ton of blog posts answering this question (What is Hypnosis?, What is a Trance State?, What are Inductions?, I Can’t be Hypnotized!, Another Post About Trance States, Inductions 2, How Hypnotherapy Works, Mental Health is Rapport Between the Conscious and Unconscious). BUT since people keep asking me, I Read More

Mental Health is Rapport Between the Conscious and Unconscious – Mastering Mondays 1

In this episode, we explore Milton Erickson’s claim that mental health is rapport between the conscious and unconscious minds. This is an idea tossed around by many, but usually discussed in an abstract way. I wanted to discuss how the idea that mental health is rapport between the conscious and unconscious mind relate to individual people. Hence, this video. This is the first episode of my new weekly show, “Mastering Mondays”. I’m very excited about Read More

How Hypnotherapy Works

There are a few theories about how and why hypnotherapy works, but I think the most accurate one is Erickson and Rossi’s theory discussed in their books Hypnotic Realities and Hypnotherapy. Their theory is constructivist in nature: people learn most ways to be (behave, believe, and feel) in the world and change involves learning new ways to be. During any learning process, you may learn ways to do things that are helpful or ways that Read More

What is a Trance State?

What is a Trance State? Many people ask me what a trance state is. So, I decided to just make this video to quickly explain it. Hey there, I’m Joshua Howard from Welcome to my video series, “About Hypnosis”. This is video number six: “What is a Trance State?” So, what are the features of a trance state. Well, there are three that are really obvious. First, there is a heightened focus, which is Read More

I Can’t be Hypnotized!

Is it True that Some People Can’t be Hypnotized? Many people tell me that they don’t think they can be hypnotized or wonder if they can be hypnotized. Check out this video to clear it up and find out if you can be hypnotized. Hey there, I’m Joshua Howard from Welcome to my video series, “About Hypnosis”. This is video number five: “I Can’t be Hypnotized!” Hopefully by now, you realize that this idea Read More

Is Hypnosis Evil?

How Evil is Hypnosis? Sometimes, people will find hypnosis problematic from a religious perspective. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Thus far, I’ve only experienced this from Christians; therefore, this video only addresses Christianity… Hey there, I’m Joshua Howard from Welcome to my video series, “About Hypnosis”. This is video number four: “Is Hypnosis Pure Evil or Just Diluted Evil?” So, if you’ve seen the first videos in this series, then you Read More

Spontaneous Anchors

The concept of anchoring in hypnosis, which is the idea that a hypnotist can attach meaning to an unrelated object or idea, is surrounded by a ton of mythology and confusion. A ton of hypnotists make this worse by either misunderstanding the phenomenon or purposely obfuscating it to confuse people. I have studied it extensively and continue to do so and don’t really care if people know how it works because it still works when Read More