How to Change How You Feel About Someone With NLP

Hypnosis offers us many ways to approach personal change. Let’s elucidate this point a bit more in-depth. And to do this, we’re going to delve into an interesting hypnotic toolkit called NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). When someone interested in NLP approaches a problem, the first thing we want to do is to explore it to make a model of how it functions on a subjective level. In this specific use of NLP, we’re going to explore Read More

Guided Meditation About Change

Why did I make a guided meditation about change? Other than the obvious–my entire business is about changing people and normalizing change–I want to help people realize the amount of change happening all around them. More than a few of my clients fear, doubt, or resist change before they come to see me. In my mind, this is a bizarre position because life is very much about, or at very least vastly influenced by, change. Read More

Bad Day? “One Of THOSE Days… Weeks…?” — Three Things You Can Do About It NOW

Last week was a flaming POS. Pretty much everything that could go wrong did. I just had one of those days–every day last week. Bad day after bad day. Nothing I planned happened and most things were frustrating. (I even attempted to make the best of it and shot this video–watch how much calmer I get, but I had a ton of technical errors… then, errors posting it… so I gave up.) Has this ever Read More

How To Feel Better With The Gratitude Game – Mastering Monday 3

In this episode of Mastering Monday, I teach you how to play The Gratitude Game in order to feel better in the moment as well as in the longterm. The Gratitude Game is a very simple activity and something I learned from studying the law of attraction (I think from Abraham/Esther Hicks), BUT you don’t have to be into LOA to get results from it. (TBH, my personal opinion on LOA as a whole is Read More

About Hypnosis — What is a Deepener?

What is a Hypnotic Deepener? About Hypnosis #9 Hey there, this is Joshua Howard from Welcome to my video series, “About Hypnosis”. This is video number nine, “Deepeners” So, what is a deepener? Well, a deepener is something that allow the hypnotist to take the subject deeper into trance. Sometimes they’re necessary, sometimes they’re not. But basically what a deepener is is something that after a hypnotist puts someone into a trance they just Read More

How Hypnotherapy Works

There are a few theories about how and why hypnotherapy works, but I think the most accurate one is Erickson and Rossi’s theory discussed in their books Hypnotic Realities and Hypnotherapy. Their theory is constructivist in nature: people learn most ways to be (behave, believe, and feel) in the world and change involves learning new ways to be. During any learning process, you may learn ways to do things that are helpful or ways that Read More

What are Hypnotic Inductions?

Hypnotic Inductions Hey there, this is Joshua Howard from 180 Theory. Welcome to my video series, “About Hypnosis”. This is video number eight, “Inductions”. So, what is an induction? An induction is a process that will cause a person to go into trance if it is used by, with, or on them. And so if you’ve been following along in this series, then you know that people go in and out of trance states all Read More

Spontaneous Anchors

The concept of anchoring in hypnosis, which is the idea that a hypnotist can attach meaning to an unrelated object or idea, is surrounded by a ton of mythology and confusion. A ton of hypnotists make this worse by either misunderstanding the phenomenon or purposely obfuscating it to confuse people. I have studied it extensively and continue to do so and don’t really care if people know how it works because it still works when Read More

Relaxation Hypnosis! Denver Hypnotherapist Offers Free 10 Minute Relaxation Hypnosis

In this video, I offer a 10 minute relaxation hypnosis. It’s short and sweet, but it’ll help you relax. For the best experience, listen through headphones, focus on the video, and neither help, nor hinder any of the suggestions. There is no right way to relax… Relaxation Hypnosis If you like relaxation hypnosis, you should download my free 30+ minute stress relief hypnosis audio, “Calm, Comfortable, Carefree”, by clicking below. Read More

VIDEO: Can a Hypnotist Control Me? (About Hypnosis #2)

In this video, I answer a common question about hypnotism: can a hypnotist control me? Many people fear this, but is it true…? Watch to find out! Transcript: Hey there, I’m Joshua Howard from Welcome to my video series, “About Hypnosis”. This is video number two: “Can a Hypnotist Control me?” Well, the fact is that hypnotists have some control over people, but the idea that a hypnotist can control a person like a Read More