Hypnotic Techniques 4: Alchemical

Alchemical hypnotherapy is based on the idea that with alchemical processes, one can turn straw into gold; however, the original alchemists were not talking about literally turning things into gold, but rather about how to raise the value of the human spirit by making mental/spiritual straw into gold. So, this modality uses occult symbolism and personal journeys in order to get a client to begin the process of turning themselves into the best person that Read More

Hypnotic Techniques 3: Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming, is a fascinating technique and my favorite. I became obsessed with it in while studying philosophy in graduate school and it’s mostly trumped my previous understanding of the mind (though, I think it can be explained via phenomenology and post-structuralism rather well!) Nutshelled, NLP is the idea that people are “programmed” to have the experiences that they have and that this programming can be altered by uncovering and altering the structural mechanisms within Read More

Hypnotic Techniques 2: Hypnotic Gestalt

Hypnotic Gestalt Therapy is a simplified version of traditional Gestalt Therapy. This modality allows a person to deal with pent up emotional issues, often through “the empty chair technique” wherein a client imagines a person they need to find resolution with (maybe alive, dead, themselves…) in an empty chair and then, has the conversation they should have had years ago. The basic idea is that people experience life in gestalts, wholes. When we don’t complete cycles, Read More

Hypnotic Techniques 1: Parts/Habits Therapy

There are quite a few hypnotherapeutic techniques and some not so therapeutic techniques… So, to keep it simple, let’s just talk about the therapeutic uses of hypnosis here… (talk with me in private or google around, you’ll find other uses for hypnosis…) Likewise, I’ll just discuss the types of hypnotherapy I practice. There are definitely others, but these are several popular, effective approaches to hypnotherapy. Parts therapy works under the model that people have different parts Read More

What is Guided Imagery?

Guided imagery is basically using a story of sorts (often a kind of choose your own adventure) to get a client to use their imaginations to explore the problem in more depth and sometimes to resolve it. Guided imagery is something that some hypnotherapists do a lot with, and some of us do hardly anything with it… Some therapists love it, some of us hate it. This is not a judgment–some of my favorite colleagues use Read More

How Many Sessions With a Hypnotherapist do I Need?

A large portion of the people I speak with ask me how many sessions they’ll need in order to get the change they want. And honestly, I can’t really predict it accurately as it depends largely on a whole system of things: your participation and trust in the process, want to change, what’s holding you back, how much reinforcement you need, etc. etc. In other words, how many sessions you need depends on the issue at Read More

I Can’t be Hypnotized — YEAH RIGHT!

One of the most common things people tell me is that they can’t be hypnotized. I usually laugh as it’s both a frustrating statement and depending on the person either an expression of fear, control issues, or a want to feel like they’re in control. Almost always, it’s an issue of control. In fact, I can’t remember the last person who told me this who wasn’t also a person who had major issues around control… If Read More

Is Hypnosis Evil?

Is hypnosis an evil plaything of the devil? First, hypnosis is evil, then people are evil most of their days. Check out my other posts about what is hypnosis to see more… (“What is Hypnosis?” and “What is a Trance State?“) However, in short, daydreams, spacing out, getting bored, getting drawn into something, flow modes, orgasms, highway hypnosis, “getting lost in the music”, etc.  are all trance states. Second, some people think the bible forbids hypnosis, however, there are some Read More

Can you get Stuck in Trance?

Many people have a fear that they could be stuck in a hypnotic trance forever if they see a hypnotist.  First, what happens in Office Space is a myth. Trust me, if it were possible to be stuck in trance like that, I’d be the first person to do it. I’d have done it years ago. In fact, I got into hypnosis in order to learn how to permanently alter my emotional landscape… And years later, true, I’m Read More

Can a Hypnotist Control you?

Many people think that hypnotists are people who can control anyone and get people to do anything you want for them, but don’t you think that if that were true hypnotists would all have their own private islands from all the money they’ve convinced people to give them? The idea that a hypnotist can control you is mostly a myth: the unconscious will always protect you because that’s its job. So, you have every reason to think of Read More