What’s it Like to Quit Smoking With Hypnosis?

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What’s it Like to Quit Smoking With Hypnosis?

Quitting smoking with hypnosis is probably not like you’d think. In fact, most of what a hypnotherapist does is probably nothing like what you’ve seen in movies: I’m never going to make you quack like a duck unless in some obscure, therapeutic reason quacking is beneficial to you…

I mean, you’ll likely be able to find yourself quitting with hypnosis after you come see me, but there’s no magic wand or effortless phrase that ends smoking for all time. Because there is no such thing. Hypnosis is about changing beliefs and feelings about cigarettes.

Then, what does a hypnotist do to help someone quit smoking with hypnosis?

Hypnosis can easily help change feelings and beliefs. Of course, results will vary and some people will take more sessions than others; however, hypnosis offers a powerful tool to help you quit smoking in the following (and more depending on your circumstances) ways:

First, a hypnotist makes sure that you have the proper intention (you want to quit smoking for yourself).

Second, a hypnotist helps you greatly increase the motivation to quit and ride through the cravings.

Third, a hypnotist gives you ways to work through the cravings, should they arise.

Fourth, a hypnotist can alter the conditioning you have with cigarettes so as to think about them differently, for example, tasting gross, making them feel like putting the cigarette out, cigarette cravings become something else (like the want to jog), etc.

Fifth, a hypnotist can offer suggestions that help a person to avoid many of the feared pitfalls of quitting smoking like weight gain.

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