Two Words That Keep You Stuck

One could argue that are many turns of phrase and words that keep you stuck, but today, I’m going to tell you about two.

Our words pre-frame our experiences. And no, don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you about some mind state boogeyperson or something about attracting things from the universe.

But rather, what we say tells us how we are approaching the situation, about our apprehension of it, and the likely outcome. We rarely consciously think about these things, but they are affecting and shading the meaning of situations regularly…

For instance, if I say “I’ll see if I can make it out next Tuesday…” you know from the context that I at least want to tell you that I’m going to make an attempt to get out there, but it’s unlikely that I’ll make it. And generally, the harder someone hits the verb (at least in English) “seeeeeeeeeeeeee”, the less likely it is. Likely, I’ll “get too busy” to make it.

Sometimes people get busy and some people use this as a way to never agree to anything because they like to choose what they’re doing in the moment, or they are workaholics, or something. But this is also considered a polite way to avoid someone, at least by enough people to make it a common occurrence. And one in which you cannot tell why per se someone is unable to make it.

BUT one thing is clear: they’re probably not going to make it. (Though, some of us have that one friend that makes it when they say this. There are always exceptions to discussions of norms!)

We also do this to ourselves with our words.

So, I made this video to help make it more clear how using two specific words often pre-frames ourselves for failure. To learn more, check it out here.

Two Words That Keep You Stuck — How OFTEN Do You Use Them?

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