Stop Doubting Yourself

If I had one wish it’d be that you stop doubting yourself. (Really. Do you know the world we’re missing out on by humans not doing the things they could be doing?)

There are far too many people that needlessly doubt themselves.

And to be completely honest, I’m kind of sick of it. I hate seeing people blocked by their doubts and not their (perceived) lack of talent or material conditions like too few opportunities.

Sadly, not only is the problem very common, most of the people who have this doubt think they’re alone in it. But they’re not: this problem affects pretty much every career field and life possibility. No matter where you go, you’re inclined to find at least one person that harbors self doubt.

So, on the one hand, this is relieving: we are not alone! Yet on the other hand, this means that many people doubt themselves unnecessarily.

This is written about quite a lot under the title, “Imposter Syndrome”. We seem to think we’re imposters and one day, we’ll become better.

And I understand this all too well. I’m the kind of person that used to use study as a way to allay this worry. I didn’t know enough, thus, I needed more study. I became so studious that I still find myself in teacherly roles often! I still study things to death, it’s true. BUT I now start and come back to study to deepen my awareness. (I realized that study is the first of three steps, not the only step, ha. More on that in a future post!)

That all said, I wanted to do something to help people to gain a little more belief in themselves. Unfortunately, many of the reasons people feel this (these) ways are wrapped up in their experiences and personal narrative. But there are some things that can be done hypnotically without aiming for the specifics.

Stop Doubting Yourself Hypnosis

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