Manifesting Secularly? – Mastering Mondays 4


In this edition of Mastering Mondays, I discuss the perils of manifesting. And I know, I know: this word has been tied with Law of Attraction for a long time; however, I am deeply skeptical of law of attraction. I do not coach or teach in law of attraction. So, you’re not going to get more about vague spiritual laws that may or may not excuse and victim blame atrocities from me. Promise.

BUT if you’re willing to side-step the baggage the word manifesting holds, there are many useful ideas to think about.

And that’s what I explore in this video. Thus, approach the content with the the question, “how can your “manifesting” be improved by reworking your relationship with your goals?” For instance, I find that many people choke the life out of their goals and prevent it from happening by forcing it rather than “allowing” it to happen. (I’m creatively borrowing their phraseology!)

Is there a solution for such behavior? You betcha. (You’ll just have to watch to see what it is!)

Manifesting – Mastering Monday 4

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