How Do You Find The Money To Pursue Your Passions? – Mastering Mondays 2

How do you find the money to pursue your passions? This is a question (or at least complaint) that I hear often. And sadly, this is one of those blocks that holds people back more often than not because without money, it’s hard to pursue your passions–just like it can be hard to just work for money and ignore your passions day in and day out!

You can find the money to pursue your passion, if you’re just willing to look. The question of course becomes, “Where do I look?”

But this problem can have a very simple solution! Of course, the next question is, “What is that solution?”

So, in this second Mastering Monday video, I

  • explain one of many ways you can fund your passions
  • detail why this method is effective
  • discuss different ways you can use this method to find the money to pursue your passions

How Do You Find The Money To Pursue Your Passions? – Mastering Mondays 2

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