How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Test Anxiety?

How can hypnotherapy help with test anxiety?

Recently, I’ve gotten quite a few calls asking “how can hypnotherapy help with test anxiety?” So, I created this short video to explain it in a nutshell.

In the video, I

  • discuss the four “causes” of test anxiety
  • explain how hypnotherapy can help with each of the “causes” of test anxiety
  • tell you one of in-field strategies I teach for anxiety reduction

There is a transcription below the video if you’d rather read about how hypnotherapy can help with test anxiety.

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Hi there, I’m Joshua Howard from 180 Theory Hypnotherapy. And today, I’m here to talk about how hypnosis can help you with test anxiety.

Four Reasons People Experience Test Anxiety

So, first things first, there are four reasons why people typically experience test anxiety. The first is fear of repeating previous test failures. The second one is fear of not being properly prepared. The third one is fear of failure. And the fourth one is worry about the outcomes of the test.

So, using hypnosis, we can help you with any of the four of those because fears are something that are very easy to do with hypnosis. What we can do is help you to go into a deep, relaxing trance state. And then learn how to no longer experience the fears that you have around any of these issues by helping you to change the beliefs and feelings that you have about them.

Fear of Repeating Test Failures

So, for instance, if you have a fear of repeating previous test failures, something we can do in hypnosis is take you back to the last few times you’ve had problems with tests or even the very first time you had a problem with tests and help you overcome the feeling that you have so that when you go to take another test, you feel calm, cool, and collected about the test.

Develop Deeper Study Skills

Next, through hypnosis, I can help you develop even deeper study skills than you already have. So, I can help you learn new ways to study. I can also help you learn to have less anxiety about studying itself. Unfortunately, a lot of students have this issue where they feel anxiety about studying the material they’re studying.

You know, for whatever reason, they feel like they’re unable to grasp the material in the way that they want to. Or they feel that the learning process is frustrating. Or a lot of my clients tell me that they just flat out feel stupid some of the time. As unfortunate as that is, it’s actually rather simple to change through hypnotic process.

Fear of Failure

Likewise with fear of failure. A lot of people with a fear of failure have an image or belief in their mind about who they are, who they should be, how they should be in the world, and that image is the thing that’s really causing them to feel like they’re going to fail. If you constantly go through life thinking you’re going to fail, then, it’s easy to fail.

Fear of the Outcomes of the Test

Likewise with worry about the outcomes of the test. Through hypnosis, we can help you to start to work on deeper and deeper processes that allow you to stop being so worried about what happens with tests. And stop being so worried about how your life is going to be after you finish the test. Because really, all-in-all, tests are really straightforward and not something that’s in themselves full of anxiety. Really, the thing that creates test anxiety are the feelings and beliefs that you have around tests and what the tests mean in your life.

So, in short, what we can do with hypnosis is help you out to overcome each of these different fears. And then also to work on creating a state of relaxation so that you can relax at will. And that will help you out tremendously because if you can go into a study session or go into a test and instantly become more relaxed when you’re going to go do it, that will help you drastically in being able to get through the anxiety itself.

Breathing Exercises

Finally, another thing that I can teach you how to do is breathing exercises that will allow you to–if perchance, any type of residual anxiety pops up–to help you to go from up here in an anxiety level down to about… here. And so, all in all, how hypnosis can help you out with test anxiety is that it can help you overcome the different fears that you have. It can help you learn how to relax at will. And we can set you up with a series of anchors and other hypnotic protocol that allow you to experience studying and tests as something incredibly calming, simple, relaxing, and easy.

So, thank you for watching this video. I hope it was informative and helpful for you. And if you have any questions, feel free to put them below and I’ll gladly answer them when I get a chance. And please subscribe to my channel.

Thank you very much.