Can Hypnotherapy Help With Bar Exam Anxiety?

bar exam anxiety

With yet another bar exam happening in Colorado in about a month, I thought I’d take a minute to discuss a commonly asked question: can hypnotherapy help with bar exam anxiety?

Of course hypnotherapy can help with bar exam anxiety! (In fact, lawyers as intelligent, imaginative people actually have an advantage when it comes to being hypnosis… as I explain beneath the video.)

In this video, I explain how hypnotherapy can help with exam anxiety / test anxiety in general:

But in a nutshell, people experience exam anxiety for four reasons: fear of failure, fear of repeating exam failures, fear of the outcome of the exam, a fear of not studying enough or properly, or a legitimate problem with study skills. While I will gladly help you with study skills, prepping for the bar exam is probably a bit too late to learn how to study. And let’s face it if you made it through law school, studying isn’t your problem.

It’s fear of failure, the outcomes of the test, repeating failure… or beating yourself up about studying.

Hypnotherapy can help you decrease your current fear response to the bar exam (i.e. bar exam anxiety); teach you how to access states of relaxation, clarity, and focus at will–an invaluable skill in and of itself; and repurpose these states to help you naturally and easily enter exam the bar exam (and other previously anxiety-inducing environments) with confidence and a sense of calm.

Or as an ACT client of mine described it, “I took the ACT yesterday, and I honestly believe it went really really well. … overall I felt like I flew through the test, like it was over in like five minutes… all I remember is being really calm and like I was in my own little world! thank you for everything! I appreciate it!” T., 17, 2 Two-Hour Long Sessions Denver, CO

T. was a brilliant, private school educated young person headed toward an ivy league school if only they could get the right score on the ACT. T. tried everything: IB program, intense study, extra classes, classes on the ACT, tutors, etc. Yet, still couldn’t get the right score and this was the last chance.

Most of my exam anxiety clients are smart, capable, hard-workers that hold themselves to high standards (and are probably too hard on themselves). The smarter and more imaginative you are, the more both material you and I will have to work with. The more elaborate the internal world, more can be done there…

Many of my clients think they cannot be hypnotized because they are too high strung or too intelligent. As I’ve explained many times in my blog (e.g. I Can’t Be Hypnotized), everyone can be hypnotized, but people can resist it to certain degrees if they want to. But most smart people know how to spend time imagining, day dreaming, reading, focusing intently for hours, studying, thinking abstractly, etc.–all of which are deeply hypnotic phenomena (once you properly understand hypnosis, that is… what is hypnosis?)

Those that don’t resist it, like T., will discover that hypnosis is about using the power of your imagination to alter the beliefs and feelings you have. (The more quickly and easily we can work, the faster, and more deeply I can affect your bar exam anxiety.)

T. began confused and afraid, but ended discovering how to use hypnosis to take more control over their life. I want to help you discover the same things.

I wonder if you can relate to T. because this is the story when many lawyers call a hypnotherapist too: “I’ve failed the bar twice…” This time, let’s make it different: let’s win the case of law student vs. bar exam anxiety. Take the first step and call for a free consultation: (720) 432-1806.

(At least download my free stress relief audio from the menu at the top of the page above and give it a chance! What can it hurt? Might get too relaxed?)