Why Positive Thinking is a Bunch of Crap and Will Fail You

Thesis: positive thinking is crap and will fail you. Mindstate work is only helpful insofar as it helps you master a skill or overcome a problem area. In and of itself, “changework” and mindstate work is meaningless.

I’ll probably get some hate mail for this video, but that’s okay with me. It’s not going to mess up my mindset! :p

Why Positive Thinking is a Bunch of Crap and Will Fail You

I believe what I say in this video and think that it’s the path to real change in your life. You can hope. You can dream. You can change your thinking patterns. You can buy another course or read another book. You can do more introspection. You can find 500 more “reasons”, excuses, or unconscious patterns that “create” your behavior. You can make a vision board. …

Or you can make a plan. Figure out a good strategy. Plan to use a few tactics. See what happens. Fix the problem areas with mind-state work.

Stuck running in circles? (Lacking a strategy?) I can help with that.

Landed your dream job, but it requires public speaking or more schooling (tests!) and that scares the crap out of you? I can help with that.

Have a dream hindered by a terrible phobia? I can help with that!

Keep choking or holding back in your sport? Stuck back in a lower class or bracket or… than your skill set? Just can’t get into the mental aspects of the game? I can help with that!

Bombarded by memories from the past of pain and hurt? I can help with that!

Need someone to tell you it’s all okay, charge you simply for listening, and convince you that you don’t need to take an active role in your change? Someone to help you feel positive no matter what? Or to tell you that 100% happiness is the key to life? I can’t help you with any of that. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry, but that’s not what I do. I help people ready to make an active change in their lives do so rapidly and efficiently.

Hypnosis works wonders, but it takes a serious goal and a commitment to take the steps that follow. For instance, many people that talk to me about quitting smoking using hypnosis have two goals (one unconscious): to quit smoking and to not do anything to deal with their stress, which smoking did (at least seemed to do) for them. Until they work on new outlets for stress, they will likely go back to smoking because it’s what they know “works”.

Ironically, anxiety, phobia, and trauma clients rarely have this issue: they want to work through it. For instance, I teach anxiety clients breathing exercises, relaxation anchors, how to recognize panic symptoms, and how to calm themselves down. Often, my clients are able to take these tactics in one area and use them to get the results they want: they can act with far less (or no) anxiety. Often, they generalize these tactics to many other areas of their lives in order to make profound changes. Some take a little more work. And both are great because hypnosis is being used to help change their lives–not just their minds.

Personal change happens when you take control of your mind.

Who cares about changing minds when you can master your own mind and take control of your destiny?

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