What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis refers to two things

  1. a specific set of states a person can be in
  2. a process that can be used to direct or create these states

People go in and out of hypnotic states all day long: they’re essential to life. For instance, daydreams, focus, flow modes, being “absorbed” in things, thinking, imagining, falling in love… etc. are all trance states.

Hypnosis is also a process that uses these states in order to achieve a position wherein the “critical factor”, the part of your mind focused on the concrete details of reality (for some people, this part talks about how stupid or unfair or lousy reality is), quiets.

Once the critical factor is quieted, a person is able to interact with their internal processes as if they were concrete reality. This allows for a multitude of things; however, per therapy, the result is that a client can explore and adjust their internal processes purposely in order to achieve a specific change in behavior.