What is a trance state?

Hypnotists talk a lot about trance states and many non-hypnotists think they are spooky or mystical. Nothing could be farther from the truth: trance states are as natural as breathing.

A trance state has three basic features: heightened focus (generally internal), little to no “critical factor” (you don’t question things or fixate on reality), and there is little differentiation between reality and imagined phenomena.

People go in and out of them multiple times a day… For instance, you probably find yourself at one point or another during a day zoning out, spacing out, daydreaming, imagining, hoping, thinking deeply, becoming absorbed in a book or movie, concentrating/focusing deeply, etc.

In each of these, you find yourself with a heightened focus on something, no voice in your mind pointing out the unrealistic qualities of the whole situation, and what you imagine is vividly real to you.