What is a Trance State?

What is a trance state? Joshua Howard from 180 Theory (Denver Hypnosis) describes it in this video.

What is a Trance State?

Many people ask me what a trance state is. So, I decided to just make this video to quickly explain it.

Hey there, I’m Joshua Howard from 180theory.com.

Welcome to my video series, “About Hypnosis”. This is video number six: “What is a Trance State?”

So, what are the features of a trance state. Well, there are three that are really obvious.

First, there is a heightened focus, which is generally internal. But this is to say that your focus is fixated on just one thing.

Next, there is little to no critical factor or reality principle. You don’t really question things too much. Like, “Is this real?” “Does this work?” “That doesn’t seem right!” You know, those kind of critical thoughts that people often have during the day. And because the critical factor is gone, you very often experience little differentiation between reality and imagined phenomena.

And, third, this is what makes trance so interesting and so helpful for therapy. A person can go in and relive experiences and work through traumas or have conversations with dead relatives or do a lot of things that they couldn’t really do easily in real life—and get profound, deep effects from it. And that’s something we need to talk more deeply in another video because it’s beyond the scope of this video here. But nonetheless, something that’s really fecund and interesting area for hypnosis.

So, what about trance states? Trance states can be inwardly focused or outwardly focused. For instance, people zone out, space out, daydream, imagine, think deeply and all those are kind of inward states because they’re zoning out of their reality or backing out of reality. But people also fall in love, become absorbed in conversations, movies, or a book, they concentrate or focus deeply or get into a flow mode. And these kind of trance states are outwardly focused. They’re hypnosis in the world.

And so, heightened focus, little or no focus on critiquing the reality of the situation, and vividly imagining and thinking up things that are in front of you as if they’re real—whether or not they are—are all signs of trance states.

So, hopefully this video has helped you out a little bit and taught you about trance states and what trance states are. And if you’re interested in experiencing more about hypnosis, then I recommend you check out my website, 180theory.com, if you’re in Denver, CO.

Thanks very much, hope to see you on the next video…

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