VIDEO: Can I Get Stuck in Hypnosis? (Video #3)

Can Someone Get Stuck in Hypnosis

People often ask me, “Can I get stuck in hypnosis?”

This video explores this possibility.


Hey there, I’m Joshua Howard from

Welcome to my video series, “About Hypnosis”. This is video number three: “Can I get Stuck in Hypnosis?”

There’s this idea floating around that people can get stuck in hypnotic trances. And this idea was really well shown in the movie Office Space. And as I’m sure you probably know, the main character, Peter Gibbons, goes to see a hypnotherapist. And sits down with the hypnotherapist. The therapist puts him into trance and shortly after putting him into trance has a heart attack and dies.

And so the main character, Peter Gibbons, never actually comes out of trance. He just stays stuck there forever. And so, I’ll say to you first, if you haven’t seen this movie, just pause this video, Google “Office Space hypnosis scene”.

And by the way, if you haven’t seen this movie, you really should. It’s a great movie.

But now that we’ve gone through this scene and said how funny this movie is, we can say that that’s a myth. Hypnosis as depicted there is not real. Believe me, if somebody could fall into a trance state and never come out of it for the rest of their life, believe me, I’d sign up to be the first person that happened to because that would be amazing.

But it just can’t happen because our minds and mind states are really about shifting in and out of different states and different levels of consciousness. It’s what we do all day long.

So, to give you the too long, didn’t read version, it’s impossible to get stuck in hypnosis. So, as much fun as Office Space is and could be, none of us could actually have it. Boo-hoo.

So, anyway, I hope that video was interesting and informative for you. And I hope I answered that fundamental question for people: unfortunately, no, you cannot get stuck in trance.

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