Train Ride Hypnotic Guided Meditation

I’m releasing this video, “Train Ride Hypnotic Guided Meditation”, and a few other videos I’d originally intended to be part of my forthcoming program about using self-hypnosis and meditation for stress relief. Please let me know about your results with them!

Why? This is one of those when life gives you lemons, make lemonade situations…

I shoot a wide variety of videos with my phone and my bluetooth headset. While this is very convenient and 85% of the time is perfect, it doesn’t always result with a product at the level I want. Case in point, I shot the opening videos for my self-hypnosis program on a black background as I wanted to differentiate them from the mediation section of the videos.

BUT my phone shoots in mp4, which as a lossless codec adds “digital artifacts” to video shot on solid black backgrounds. The only way to fix it is to “crush the blacks” by making all the dark colors in a video beneath a certain shade flat black. In other words, adjust the contrast up.

And thus, some of the videos I shot look fine, but am oddly colored in most. And obviously, I need to rethink the background or change cameras. So, I’m just going to reshoot that whole section and release the videos that look okayish for free on YouTube!

So, without further ado, here is my newest hypnosis video for YouTube. PLEASE let me know how these videos affect you (drop a comment on YouTube.)

Train Ride Hypnotic Guided Meditation

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