Hypnotic Techniques 4: Alchemical

Alchemical hypnotherapy is based on the idea that with alchemical processes, one can turn straw into gold; however, the original alchemists were not talking about literally turning things into gold, but rather about how to raise the value of the human spirit by making mental/spiritual straw into gold.

So, this modality uses occult symbolism and personal journeys in order to get a client to begin the process of turning themselves into the best person that they can be. It uses a lot of guided imagery and imagined things to help a client to sort their inner guides (like parts therapy), discover their life path, and to “rescue” their inner child. It helps someone to work the pieces of their inner psyche in order to facilitate change.

For instance, if a person comes in and they’re plagued by guilt from a situation that happened when they were a small child (e.g. they watched a friend drown, helpless to save them), a hypnotherapist can take them back to that moment and allow them to explain the situation to their smaller self–particularly all they’ve learned about their role in the situation and how they did their best… This inner child rescue will allow someone not only to overcome these feelings, but also to bond with their inner child and feel more at home in their psyche.