Hypnotic Techniques 2: Hypnotic Gestalt

Hypnotic Gestalt Therapy is a simplified version of traditional Gestalt Therapy. This modality allows a person to deal with pent up emotional issues, often through “the empty chair technique” wherein a client imagines a person they need to find resolution with (maybe alive, dead, themselves…) in an empty chair and then, has the conversation they should have had years ago.

The basic idea is that people experience life in gestalts, wholes. When we don’t complete cycles, we become fragmented as we haven’t finished a cycle and we need to finish the cycle before we can move forward.

This modality works really well for people who have anger at others from their past–particularly if they’re dead or gone. For instance, a woman who was repeatedly raped by her now dead father and never told anyone would likely benefit a lot from expressing her anger toward her dad and releasing the anger she feels… Likewise, allowing her to have a similar conversation with her mother in trance would open up a greater space in herself to have this conversation in real life and open up the possibility of real life transforming changes.