Hypnotic Techniques 1: Parts/Habits Therapy

There are quite a few hypnotherapeutic techniques and some not so therapeutic techniques… So, to keep it simple, let’s just talk about the therapeutic uses of hypnosis here… (talk with me in private or google around, you’ll find other uses for hypnosis…) Likewise, I’ll just discuss the types of hypnotherapy I practice. There are definitely others, but these are several popular, effective approaches to hypnotherapy.

Parts therapy works under the model that people have different parts or facets of themselves that have specific roles or duties. These parts can sometimes get into conflicts or cause someone to do something harmful to themselves, but for a good reason. If we can uncover what that reason is, we can find a new, better way to accomplish that goal. This modality is helpful for people who feel like “part” of them is compelling them to do something. For instance, smokers will often talk about the part of them that likes smoking…

Habit speak is basically, the same idea, but dealing with habits and not parts. Sometimes, our habits get a life of their own and we need to just get rid of them. Helpful for people who feel like they’re burdened by a habit that’s out of their control.