Hypnosis is a State You go Into — Here are the Criteria!

Hypnosis is a state

Many, many people ask me, “What is hypnosis?” and the much more rude, “Does that stuff REALLY work?”

I’ve made quite a few videos and written a ton of blog posts answering this question (What is Hypnosis?, What is a Trance State?, What are Inductions?, I Can’t be Hypnotized!, Another Post About Trance States, Inductions 2, How Hypnotherapy Works, Mental Health is Rapport Between the Conscious and Unconscious).

BUT since people keep asking me, I thought I’d put out this series of clips (from a longer video that didn’t turn out like I wanted…) In this video, I explain that hypnosis is a state that people go into, the three basic criteria of the state, and a few ways in which people go into trance naturally and easily a few times a day.

Hypnosis is a State You go Into — Here are the Criteria!

It really is that simple. Hypnosis is a thing that happens to people often…

I hope this video answers any questions you have about hypnosis as a phenomenon. Please, feel free to call me if you have any questions about hypnosis or are curious to see how hypnosis can help you make the changes you’d like to make in your life: (720) 432-1806 (Denver residents only). Or feel free to look at our services: Denver hypnotherapy services 180 Theory offers

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