Guided Meditation About Change

Why did I make a guided meditation about change?

Other than the obvious–my entire business is about changing people and normalizing change–I want to help people realize the amount of change happening all around them.

More than a few of my clients fear, doubt, or resist change before they come to see me. In my mind, this is a bizarre position because life is very much about, or at very least vastly influenced by, change. We change so much that change is almost the norm rather than the exception…

Yet, though we change and experience change so much, there is something fascinating about human consciousness: it helps us to cover this up and to hide it from ourselves… And instead of noticing the thousands of changes around us, we fixate on all the things that are (seemingly) the same: bills, pay, house, car, spouse, kids, job, our taste in music, etc.

Same, same, same…

And what’s fascinating is how we don’t notice that even on a small level seconds turn into minutes into hours, we breathe in and out, our hearts move blood through our bodies, cells divide, our hair and nails grow… And even if we “do the same thing” day in and day out, we are still changing–even if in “minuscule” ways like it’s not yesterday. The bills are paid with new money earned from more hours at work as our house, car, spouse, selves, and children age and music gets worse and worse…

So, this meditation should help people see that a little more clearly.

[Also, I’ve been exploring other methods than hypnosis to create altered states over the last few years (namely, ASMR, guided meditations, brain entrainment, isochronic tones, light and sound machines, etc.). And I’m beginning to step out into these new (for me) forms of expression. We’ll see how it goes!]

Guided Mediation About Change

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