Guided Mediation: Hypnosis For Centering, Relaxation, and Starting Over

Here is a guided meditation/hypnosis video I made to help you recenter and relax.

True, it’s so banal that it’s almost not worth saying here that being at center is incredibly helpful for most of our tasks during the day. If we’re centered, we’re able to act rather than react emotionally, we feel comfortable/peaceful in ourselves, and we can passionately live our lives.

Philosophers and psychologists of the existential variety (existentialists, existential phenomenologists, existential psychologists, human potential, etc.) discuss “being-at-home-in-the-world”, feeling safe and able to live without fear or “angst” in an environment. This similar to what most people mean when they say centered.

At least for me, this feeling of being centered is far better than the alternative. Being-at-home-in-the-world has been a priority of mine since probably 2007 when I came in contact with Heidegger for the first time.

And without further ado or convincing you of its necessity, here is a short video offering one of many ways to come back to center…

Guided Mediation: Hypnosis For Centering, Relaxation, and Starting Over

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