Explore Your Future With Hypnosis

Have you ever wanted to travel to the future?

If so, you’re in luck with this video I just posted to YouTube: “Explore Your Future With Hypnosis”. In it, we’ll travel to the future and allow you to see yourself in 10, 5, and then 3 years.

Well, sort of.

Unfortunately, I can’t actually transport you to the future. But rather, I can transport you to a representation of your future based on your beliefs and feelings about it. This will allow you to explore what you feel about your future and help you to get a deeper understanding of yourself.

How you constitute your future, how similar it is to your beliefs about it, and your feelings about your future all say so much about your feelings about yourself. And they may even surprise you. I was quite surprised at the results of my future explorations, and while I didn’t see exactly what I envisioned, the changes were pleasant and in many ways improved my vision of the future.

Other people I’ve done this process with have reported similar things, but I’ve also heard a fair number of people who are unable to achieve their goals or who are doing something else entirely… Regardless of the outcome, however, this process will enlighten you on many things about you and your being-schema/self-image.

Explore Your Future With Hypnosis

Exploring your future with hypnosis is a great idea because hypnosis allows the mind to confuse reality and vividly imagined phenomena. So, for some people, this experience will seem very real; however, most people should be able to get through the process with the feeling of a dream or daydream.

Speaking of which: approach hypnotic phenomena as an experience of “imagining” rather than visualizing. You just need to understand the symbols. It doesn’t need to have a 1:1 correspondence to reality. For example, some people just have a vague understanding an apple is in an area in front of them and some people can see the apple clearly, smell it, taste it, and feel it in their hands; however, both are experiencing hypnosis.

So, give it a shot and see what happens. The worst case scenario with any hypnosis experience (at least the ones I lead people through) is a bit of relaxation and a break from life. Best case scenario, you’ll learn something about yourself. Maybe even a few things that will help you to actualize the future you really want…

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After giving it a go, I’d love to hear all about your experiences. So, PLEASE post them as comments on the YouTube video page itself.

And if you think of anyone who’d benefit from or enjoy the video, please make sure to share it with them.

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