Can you get Stuck in Trance?

Many people have a fear that they could be stuck in a hypnotic trance forever if they see a hypnotist. 

First, what happens in Office Space is a myth. Trust me, if it were possible to be stuck in trance like that, I’d be the first person to do it. I’d have done it years ago.

In fact, I got into hypnosis in order to learn how to permanently alter my emotional landscape… And years later, true, I’m pretty different; however, I’m not stuck in trance forever and I’m still not as carefree as Peter Gibbons.

Second, you slide in and out of trance states all day long. You require them in order to function as they allow you to do things like think, regroup, daydream, enjoy a movie, etc. (See my post “What is a Trance State?”)

Third, it’s a myth that just because you’re in a trance state that you’re necessarily disconnected from reality. There are two trance phenomenon that happen when people are deeply connected to reality: highway hypnosis–where you’re driving, zone out, and make it to your destination safely–and flow states–when you’re in the zone, you’re hyper-focused on one facet of the world.

So, in short, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis and even if you could, you’d still be fine–probably better to be honest.