Can a Hypnotist Control you?

Many people think that hypnotists are people who can control anyone and get people to do anything you want for them, but don’t you think that if that were true hypnotists would all have their own private islands from all the money they’ve convinced people to give them?

The idea that a hypnotist can control you is mostly a myth: the unconscious will always protect you because that’s its job. So, you have every reason to think of hypnotherapy as something to look forward to. I mean, just imagine how good it’d feel to find every muscle in your body relaxing… and for your mind to clear itself…

Furthermore, clients of a clinical hypnotherapist like myself have little to worry about because most of us have been trained to follow the client’s lead and go where they go and many of us (myself included) have state grievance boards to contend with if we do anything unethical, illegal, or harmful to anyone.

Rather, hetero-hypnosis (e.g. you seeing me in my office) works by the two of us co-creating an experience wherein we investigate the deeper structures, symbolism, and patterns within your mind. During this investigation, parts of your mind may be changed; however, only if you’re open to and trusting of the experience and changes. If you’re not open to the changes, they will not last very long. (This is the major thing that extends the time needed for hypnotherapy, unfortunately.)

But given the nature of what hypnosis is, it involves trust in the hypnotist (at least on the unconscious’s part): a subject will not go into trance without at least some trust in the hypnotist, nor will they experience lasting change.

However, given trust-level, a hypnotherapist will appear more or less like a trusted friend or advisor and the things they say will be seriously considered, just like the things someone with authority that you trust says, e.g. a teacher, a partner, a family member, a friend, etc. This is what you want: you want the mind to take the suggestions a hypnotherapist gives you seriously as you want them to affect and change the system of your mind.

Likewise, given that hypnosis is a state without the critical factor, you can think beyond the bounds of reality… So, in that sense, a hypnotherapist can help you to see new directions and possibilities they hadn’t seen before; however, since that’s what you’re paying me for, that’s probably a good thing.