Bad Day? “One Of THOSE Days… Weeks…?” — Three Things You Can Do About It NOW

Last week was a flaming POS. Pretty much everything that could go wrong did.

I just had one of those days–every day last week. Bad day after bad day.

Nothing I planned happened and most things were frustrating. (I even attempted to make the best of it and shot this video–watch how much calmer I get, but I had a ton of technical errors… then, errors posting it… so I gave up.)

Has this ever happened to you? Has frustration or anger at some BS ever just derailed your day/plans?

When this happens to me, I generally do what everyone else does: get upset, fume, vent, pace, feel angry, complain, etc. It’s sad, but true: few people think of hypnosis first.

In fact, as far as I can tell, there are very few people who know how to use hypnosis for emotional control. This is a major reason WHY I got really into hypnosis. The second I realized I could flip my emotions and step out of the barrage of bleck my brain bestows in my “best moments”, I was in love.

(This gives me great ideas for free content and products. Don’t you worry! 2018 is looking up.)

And don’t get me wrong: there were (some) good parts, but they were hard to notice or appreciate through all the BS… (how often does BS cloud our vision of what’s really important?)

Like the following video.

It’s a bit long-winded as I’m verbose–especially unscripted; however, it’s a very rare personal glimpse into my frustrations. And ONE of MANY approaches you could use to alter bad feelings with NLP. It’s a process I use a lot. So, see how much it helps you.

As a therapist, there is a legal/”ethical” necessity to step back further than I’d like to from my clients. And I’ve ridden on the safe side for too long. This practice has been sterile and helped far less people than I intended to… (cont’d under video)

Bad Day? One “Of THOSE Days”? — Three Ways Out

Anyway, I guess this is me giving notice that there are changes coming to 180 Theory.

I’m not a guru or an idol and I have no place coming across as such. In fact, in my ideal world, everyone would be their own guru who sought advisors and tried on new ways of being to see how they fit in their lives. I want to empower you to ascend level by level until you no longer need me to continue ascending. I’m not T*** R****** (good luck not guessing who I mean): I need neither your cash nor your admiration, I want to make an “energy exchange” (I hate that term too, but it’s the best way I can think of to describe my meaning) of money for growth.

Being a “therapist” has clouded that more than I intended. Laws are important and clearly I will continue to follow them, but I can no longer abide by having such a sterile approach. Thinking of all the people I know that do therapy, psychiatry, or psychology as “perfect”, “ideal”, or “role models” is laughable at best… But that’s the world we live in: therapists are not supposed to disclose their problems and should remain at a distance; should appear authenticated, put together, and be a good example of how to live for our clients; should not get too connected to their clients; etc. I doubt many actually meet these criteria and I have seen this lead to a horrible spiral of destruction for a few people (nothing like feeling like you should know how to fix all your problems, but can’t, and thus, feel like a failure in all aspects of life and that you suck at your job…).

In short, that model sucks and I don’t want to do it anymore.

I’m a person thrown-into-the-world just like you. I have trials, tribulations, frustrations, anger, etc. and I know so do you. This is why you’d follow someone like me: to get a leg up on such things.

I have spent half of my life+ studying stuff like consciousness, existentiality, being-here, hypnosis, philosophy, self-help, esotericism, bodily control, mental control, NLP, law of attraction, etc. mostly with the intent of answering one “simple” question: are people stuck how they are? I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that people are not stuck. They can always change, but this does not mean it’s easy. Sometimes, people can change, but the likelihood is so low it’s not even worth bothering. (That’s the sad fact of all of this. There’s no magic bullet. Look out for a video about this topic soon…)

I do a lot of weird things, attempt new things, and change my life regularly. My life is an experiment and I’m robbing you all by not using these experiences to help you to grow as well.

From this work and study, I have some skills, tactics, and understanding you may not have. And I want to actually offer them to you.

How to display and do this publicly is what I’m figuring out in 2018… Lookout for some new things (and spectacular failures hopefully no one will even notice).

But I’m already pretty good at this one-on-one! So call me for a hassle-free free consultation: (720) 432-1806 (Denver residents only ATM). Or feel free to look at our services: Denver hypnotherapy services 180 Theory offers

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