About Hypnosis — What is a Deepener?

180 Theory About Hypnosis number nine.

What is a Hypnotic Deepener? About Hypnosis #9

Hey there, this is Joshua Howard from 180theory.com. Welcome to my video series, “About Hypnosis”. This is video number nine, “Deepeners”

So, what is a deepener?

Well, a deepener is something that allow the hypnotist to take the subject deeper into trance. Sometimes they’re necessary, sometimes they’re not. But basically what a deepener is is something that after a hypnotist puts someone into a trance they just tell them to—they give them suggestions like, “finding yourself going deeper and deeper”, “finding yourself feeling more and more relaxed”, “the more relaxed you feel, the deeper you feel, the more relaxed you feel as you’re going down… deeper and deeper now.”

Things like that. And generally, they’re just suggestions, but sometimes they’re different types of hypnotic phenomena. Like fractionation. Fractionation is form of a deepener.

A lot of hypnotists like to put a subject into trance and then set a hypnotic anchor, for instance, the phrase, “sleep now”. So that whenever the hypnotist says that, they go back into trance. You can put someone in trance, give them this anchor, then pull them out of trance, and then tell them to “sleep now”, pull them out of trance, tell them to “sleep now”, pull them out of trance, tell them to “sleep now”…

And each time, they’ll go deeper and deeper. In hypnosis, we call this fractionation.

This is one form of a deeper. But like I said, the most common form of deepening is to just use suggestions like “feeling yourself going deeper and deeper”… “just allowing yourself to relax completely… now” Things like that.

Another form of deepener that’s really popular is guided imagery. And so, like I said before, most hypnotists use direct suggestion, but if not, then, another thing that’s really popular is guided imagery. And a couple of thngs that are really popular with this are imagine you’re floating in a balloon and just riding the balloon that’s going down… deeper and deeper… relaxing toward the ground…

Or you could talk about an elevator… Now, you’re standing in an elevator… and the elevator is going down now, deeper and deeper…

Similarly with an escalator. You can have someone go down an escalator or a flight of stairs. I honestly, generally avoid balloons, elevators, escalators, and staircases because of the types of clients I work with. They have a tendency to have phobias of heights, elevators, escalators, small spaces, stairwells, things like that. And sometimes, traumatic events have happened to them there.

This is why I generally just go with direct suggestion or fractionation. But like I said, a lot of hypnotists really like these kind of guided imagery ways of deepening.

I hope that this has answered your questions about deepeners and explained a little bit more about hypnosis for you.

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