This page answers many common questions about hypnosis and coaching. If you find that your question is not listed, please contact me via my contact page.

Service FAQ

Who can be Hypnotized?

In short, everyone can be hypnotized. People go in and out of trance states multiple times a day. In fact, movies, intense focus, daydreaming, imagining, visualizing, remembering, introspection, and many more activities that humans engage in daily would be impossible without access to altered states of consciousness.

How many sessions do I need?

How many times a person needs to see a hypnotist depends on your personal needs, the hypnotist, and the hypnosis methodology used. In hypnosis, the effects are generally rather rapid in comparison to other forms of therapy or coaching; however, the amount of sessions needed will depend on the specific issue being and specific facticity of the client. In short, the amount of sessions needed cannot be generalized because it depends on your specific needs. Some things, e.g. phobias, one-time traumas, smoking, can often be taken care of in just a few sessions, but other things may take more time.

What can I expect?

Hypnosis is generally a great experience because they help clients to open themselves, release pains, forgive others and themselves, overcome issues, learn new behaviors and beliefs… Sometimes, this requires a bit of toil and temporarily wallowing in some muck; however, you’ll be glad once you get through it and can move on and attain your goals. Our sessions are generally about an hour and a half, which allow for a brief discussion of changes since we last met and what we’re working on today, actually doing the hypnotic work, and a moment to debrief.

What is hypnosis like?

Hypnosis for most people is a similar experience to vividly daydreaming, enjoying a movie, or being wrapped up in a good book. Hypnosis, if nothing else, is a usually a deeply relaxing experience.