Hypnotherapy for Trauma

hypnotherapy for trauma

Discover How to Finally let go of the Pain From Past Traumas… in as few as Three Sessions Using Hypnotherapy for Trauma!

Traumatic memories and their triggers needlessly plague many people’s entire lives… And sadly, they don’t have to because with just a few sessions of hypnotherapy, many people are able to permanently and powerfully alter the ways they feel about their traumatic memories.

Free yourself from this cycle. Then, and only then, you can truly begin to rebuild your life.

With hypnotherapy for trauma services from 180 Theory, you and I work together using hypnosis to systematically lower the emotional intensity around traumatic memories, decrease your feelings around present triggers, and begin to develop a future in which you find yourself feeling better and better.

Now, here are seven powerful reasons why should you consider hypnotherapy for trauma sessions with me:

  • work on trauma memories at an unconscious, emotional level allowing you to work with pain on a much deeper level more quickly and with less re-re-rehashing of the memory than some other therapeutic modalities
  • discover how to derail bad emotions and replace them with positive feelings, if they arise in the moment
  • explore how you’d like to live after you release traumatic baggage–and make a plan about how to get started on that
  • learn techniques to “anchor” positive states so that you can recall them easily
  • gain new ways to reinforce yourself to be more positive throughout your day
  • start the process of learning how to live without the burden of all that emotional pain being dragged from situation to situation


Some people ask me, “Why hypnosis?” Using hypnosis gives you the opportunity to step out of your day-to-day experience and to explore the mental structures that frame your reality, which is what makes it such a powerful psychotherapeutic modality for dealing with traumatic memories. Using specific hypnotic techniques together, we are able to adjust the way that you feel about specific memories–often very quickly.

If you’ve yet to see why you should come see me, do yourself a favor: just stop, take a moment, and explore for yourself only what decreasing the pain these memories bring will mean for your life. As you do, discover just how rich your life can become when you live it free from the memories.

Now, if you’ve decided you’re ready to get started or have any questions, I invite you to give me a call…