Stress Relief Hypnosis

Discover a Chemical-Free, Simple Way to Relax and Relieve Stress… Even if You Have Trouble Relaxing (For Now)

Stress relief hypnosis! (One of many hypnotherapy services offered at 180 Theory.)

Is your stress level out of control?

If you’re on this page, stress is probably starting to take its toll on your life, relationships, health, career, and so many other things. You’re feeling overwhelmed, overworked, burned out, or completely over it all.

You’ve likely tried everything you can think of and yet, you’re still frazzled.

It’s unfortunate, but stress is almost inevitable in our society. Very few people are taught healthy ways to relieve stress.

Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, is almost inevitably relaxing. That’s why hypnosis is a perfect choice for alleviating your stress.

In fact, start this week and you’ll experience immediate stress reduction after the first session. A few sessions later, you’ll have the tools you need to work through most stresses as they happen and to keep your stress levels lower day-to-day without a huge time investment.

Imagine leaving my office, relaxed… Working the next day calm, cool, and collected. Finding stresses just a little more manageable. Even noticing things that would normally push you over the edge only push you close to the edge. And even better, when stressed, you can now just take a minute or two, let it go, and finish your day strong.

For the past five+ years, I’ve spent thousands of hours studying hypnosis and thousands more practicing it since 2011 to help myself and others relax and relieve stress.

In fact, stress relief hypnosis is the first thing I used hypnosis for and it’s the first thing most of my clients tell me they love about hypnosis.

My Clinical Hypnotherapist Certificate (CHt) is from the Denver School of Hypnotherapy. (For more about me and 180 Theory, click here).


If you’ve been on the fence so far, take a minute and consider the following list of benefits to decide whether or not you truly want stress relief hypnosis sessions with me. In our work together (usually 1-5 sessions), you can expect to at least:

  • lower your stress level quickly that day
  • find new, better ways to handle stress longterm
  • let go of things you can’t change
  • learn how to relax when you want or need to
  • create “relaxed state anchors” to recall relaxing feelings at will
  • discover the benefits of self-hypnosis for relaxation and stress relief

Each two+ hour session is $125 (based on an therapy industry standard hourly rate of $65). Two hour sessions are ideal for hypnotherapy because you get to work deeper, get more done in one session, have less overall sessions (and less scheduling issues), and instead of time, we can focus 100% on stress relief hypnosis.

If you’re interested in stress relief hypnosis, I implore you to take action today because the damage stress does to your life, health, relationships, and career compounds like interest and after awhile the damage can be irreparable…

You and I both know far too many people who because of stress have gotten divorced; been fired; retired early; died; burned out; gotten sick; made a huge mistake or lost a lot of money; “lost their mind”; became jaded, angry, depressed…

How sad to think that much of that could have been prevented with better stress management. Or even more to think that these tragedies aren’t because of scarcity of stress management, but rather because those that had the option didn’t take advantage of it…

Don’t be a tragedy: learn to manage your stress with stress relief hypnosis.

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