Quit Smoking Hypnosis

quit smoking hypnosis

Attention Smokers: Do You Want to Discover How to Overcome Your Desire to Smoke Permanently, Easily, and Without Relying on Willpower, Replacement Therapies, or “Advice”?

Then, check out quit smoking hypnosis! (One of many hypnotherapy services 180 Theory offers!)

Are you sick of smoking, yet you find yourself still lighting up? Have you sworn to quit smoking and found yourself going right back to cigarettes?

You’ve tried willpower, the gum, patches… and failed.

It’s not your fault.

Anyone who’s ever quit smoking knows that the hardest part about quitting isn’t giving cigarettes up, it’s staying committed to it… Especially when you realize just how much the addiction is wrapped up in your habits and stress management: without a cigarette, how do you drive? Spend time with friends? Eat? Take a break?

This is one of many areas where quit smoking hypnosis is invaluable! Quit smoking hypnosis at 180 Theory is individually tailored to you and the reasons that you smoked before you came in, helping you to alter the specific mental aspects of your addiction.

In fact, if you start quit smoking hypnosis right now, you could not only have those cigarette cravings under control, but also know how to deal with stress, other smokers, and your bad habits in a few weeks–or far less!

Imagine what it would be like to be able to wake up, drink that morning coffee, have meals, drive, socialize, talk on the phone, go out, drink, and all the other things you like to do without smoking… to be able to really taste your food and drinks, to enjoy the social time rather than nicotine, enjoying warm hot cocoa while the remaining few smokers trek out into the cold.

How would that feel?

My name is Joshua Howard C.Ht. (Clinical Hypnotherapist). Since 2014, at 180 Theory, I’ve helped many people put out their last cigarette with my quit smoking hypnosis sessions. I was trained in highly successful smoking cessation methods at the Denver School of Hypnotherapy. But I have also taken training courses from the Hypnosis Training Academy and OMNI Hypnosis Center. I know and use a wide variety of methods in order to work on your specific relationship to smoking.


A quit smoking hypnosis program (1-4 sessions) at 180 Theory will help you

  • simply and naturally decrease or remove the desire to smoke
  • find new, better ways to handle stress
  • replace cigarette cravings with more healthy activities so you naturally avoid picking up new bad habits
  • learn how to handle cravings on the rare occasions they still happen to arise
  • discover strategies for being around other smokers without smoking
  • set a healthy example for your friends, family, and children
  • find yourself finally able to really taste food and smelling nicer again
  • save money → just imagine how much money you’ll save once you give up smoking

Quit smoking hypnosis sessions at 180 Theory are two+ hours in length to optimize our time together. This gives us time to fill out the paperwork, space to have a thorough conversation about you and your relationship to cigarettes, and at least a full hour of hypnotherapy. I usually see smokers once, but some smokers need more sessions than others (see FAQ below for more info).

Each two hour quit smoking hypnosis session is $125.

Yep, for probably less than a month’s supply of cigarettes, you can take a huge stand to take back control of your life from cigarettes. Let’s face it: that’s why you’re on this page. You want to have more control over your life.

And while you can delay your decision to call me indefinitely–after all, it’s your health and your money–I sincerely hope that you make the decision to call me at (720) 432-1806 right now.

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Can A Hypnotherapist Make Every Single Smoker Quit Smoking In One Session?

No. And anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Tell them I told you so and give them my number if they ask who says.

Many people are confused that I can’t just wave a magic wand and poof everyone quits smoking for life. Let me explain why briefly.

A hypnotherapist can’t make anyone do anything against their will. Hypnotherapy can help you by facilitating rapid changes in beliefs and feelings about things. (I.e. It’s therapy, but faster.) The more interconnected those things are to your life, the more untangling/change that needs to happen (and loving something makes it deeply interconnected to your life).

There are two factors which massively influence your success with just one session: motivation and the connections smoking has to your life.

If you hate cigarettes and mostly smoke them out of some almost inexplicable habit, but couldn’t seem to quit with willpower or the patch, then one session is probably all you need. Your dislike of cigarettes and readiness to quit has already done much of the untangling and you really just need me to do cleanup work. This is what I mean by “motivation”: you’re ready to cut the cord and untangle cigarettes from your life.

If, however, you have any of the following, then the issue is compounded

  • you like/love/really enjoy smoking/the flavor/whatever
  • you lack the motivation to quit, don’t care if you quit or not
  • a major reason you’re is quitting because someone else wants you to, because smoking is socially unacceptable, for “better health”, or to stop damaging your belongings
  • smoking is linked to something emotionally (e.g. you started smoking at the end of a terrible relationship as an act of rebellion against the ex)
  • smoking is your only or most healthy stress relieving mechanism

It takes much more work and time to deal with smoking + these other issues. Smoking+ is the place where most people fail to quit smoking.

How Successful Are The Methods You Use In Your Quit Smoking Hypnosis Sessions?

This is the wrong way to look at hypnotherapy. I’m going to help you make changes in your feelings and beliefs that center around smoking. If you’re motivated and allow those changes to stick, it should be very successful. But if you block them, it’s much harder and will probably be counter to mental programming your mind deems more important. (See “Can A Hypnotherapist Make Ever Single Smoker Quit Smoking In One Session?” above). Blocked session work usually lasts a few weeks at most.

Statistically speaking, the methods I use have an 80-90% success rate with motivated clients. With clients that are not highly motivated, I have about a 65% success rate. This is why I advise clients I think experience smoking+ to either (1) pursue therapy for other issues with me or a therapist they already trust and work with OR (2) send them home without charging them, asking them to wait until they’re really ready to quit.