Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking or Stage Fright

denver hypnotherapy public speaking and stage fright

Learn how to Decrease or Remove Stage Fright or a Fear of Public Speaking–and Maybe Even Make Performing or Speaking Into a Pleasurable Experience!

If you’re reading this page about hypnotherapy for public speaking or stage fright, very likely either you or someone you know has stage fright or a fear of public speaking. With that in mind, I want to invite you to take a minute and imagine for yourself just what it’d be like if you were to quickly and easily achieve relief from your fear of public speaking or stage fright…

What does that look like for you? How does it feel to find yourself on stage–and being okay with it?

My name is Joshua Howard and if you find yourself looking for the changes to your stage presence that have always been waiting on the stage right there for you, I’m here to share just how quickly and easily my hypnotherapy for public speaking or stage fright sessions can get you there now. Many of my hypnotherapy services are about fear or anxiety.

But before sharing this, I just want to let you know I’m not sure exactly what will most intrigue you because you really see the value in this: overcoming your fear. So, I want to ask you to promise me that you make sure to ask me any questions that let you be certain the right decision is going to be made about your future performance… whether or not you find yourself wanting to become one of my clients, I’m happy to answer your questions… (It’s simple: just pick up the phone and give me a call…)


Now, I want to ask you, what would it mean for you if you could learn how to alter your fears from underneath? I mean, just take a moment and reflect on yourself: if you could find yourself changing the “programming” of your mind and altering the “autopilot” responses you have to things that scare or intimidate you, how might that change your life?

As you continue to think about that, I just want to let you know that hypnotherapy is considered a brief therapeutic method, is all natural, and uses your own internal processes in order to facilitate personal change.

While it’s perfectly clear I can’t be the one to decide for yourself you want this, I hope to help you consider it. So, here are seven reasons why you should consider hypnotherapy for public speaking or stage fright sessions with me:

  • find a resourceful, calm, centered, open emotional state for performing or public speaking and set a “hypnotic anchor” to easily recall it at will
  • discover how to let go of past performing or public speaking failures and instead consider future successes
  • decrease or remove phobic responses to performing and speaking–permanently and quickly
  • naturally alter your unconscious mechanisms so you show up for and perform or speak in a more relaxed state–without even thinking about it
  • become aware of your negative self-talk–and vanquish it
  • realize more control in your life: discover your fear triggers so you can decrease anxiety or fear ASAP after it begins to arise
  • recognize that you have the power to relax on purpose and learn how to train yourself to do this easily

But before you call me, just stop, take a minute, and explore for yourself exactly what making these changes will mean for your life performance–on and off the stage. As you do this, discover just how rich your life can become when you live it the way you want to, free from limitations that hold you back.

If you feel that is something you’d like to explore now, I invite you to notice just how easily you can find yourself calling now for all the reasons that feel right for you…