Hypnotherapy for Test Anxiety

How To Fly Through Tests When You Don’t Test Well (Yet)

Turn test anxiety into test confidence in as few as two sessions with hypnotherapy for test anxiety

Test anxiety is estimated to affect up to 20% of students and is often linked to other forms of anxiety, particularly social anxiety. Unfortunately, test taking can be difficult for students. Often because they

  • didn’t study or are worried they didn’t study enough
  • worry about the outcomes of the test
  • remember failing tests in the past
  • fear failure
  • had an experience in the past that left them anxious about tests

Thankfully, there is a solution: hypnotherapy for test anxiety!

Hypnotherapy for test anxiety can help decrease test anxiety for life. Hypnosis can help you change how you think and feel about tests, which is what affects most people with test anxiety.

With hypnosis, test anxiety can usually be alleviated in 1-4 sessions. In fact, if you start now, you could have test anxiety under control in a month! (End of the week in some cases.)

Imagine what it would be like for you (or your child) to breeze through tests. Knowing that all that study, tutoring, and work finally shows in the grades.

Over the past five years, I’ve studied hypnosis from many different teachers and perfected my use of hypnosis on myself and others to alleviate anxiety, fear, and traumatic memories. Test anxiety is something I excel at vanquishing. A recent client said,

I wanted to let you know that I took the ACT yesterday, and I honestly believe it went really really well. ... overall I felt like I flew through the test, like it was over in like five minutes... all I remember is being really calm and like I was in my own little world! thank you for everything! I appreciate it!

Denver, CO   


Hypnotherapy for test anxiety helps you to

  • set up a resourceful state for test taking and an “hypnotic anchor” to easily recall it during tests
  • discover how to let go of past testing failures
  • decrease or remove phobic responses to tests–permanently and quickly
  • naturally alter your unconscious mechanisms so you take tests in a more relaxed state–without even thinking about it
  • become aware of your negative self-talk and learn how to vanquish it when you need to during tests or while studying
  • realize more control in your life: discover your anxiety triggers so you can decrease anxiety ASAP after it begins to arise
  • recognize that you have the power to relax on purpose and learn how to train yourself to do this easily

Each two hour session is $125 (based on an industry standard therapy hourly rate of $65).

For a little more than a week’s worth of tutoring, you can overcome test anxiety. (And never experience taking tests the same way again…)

But don’t delay. Test anxiety

  • hurts grades
  • lowers the possibility of passing tests or exams
  • increases the likelihood of repeated classes and grades
  • invalidates a lot of money and time on tutoring, private school, and college prep classes
  • can lead to a lower quality university, job, or career field

But before you call me take a moment and allow yourself to think about what these changes mean–in and out of the classroom. As you do, discover just how rich life can become when tests, exams, studying, placement tests, board certifications, etc. are not nearly as challenging as they used to seem…

How much would that change your life?


Hypnotherapy for test anxiety is only one of the hypnotherapy services 180 Theory provides.