Life is a test mastering mondays 5

Life is a Test – Manifesting Mondays 5

This Monday, I explain my belief that life is a test. Yep, a test. But go with me for a bit because I might not mean the same thing as you are thinking when I say life is a test… So, what do I mean? I don’t mean that life is a test from God(s). Nor that it’s a test of wills. Or a test for the value of your soul. Or whatever. Rather, it’s Read More


Manifesting Secularly? – Mastering Mondays 4

In this edition of Mastering Mondays, I discuss the perils of manifesting. And I know, I know: this word has been tied with Law of Attraction for a long time; however, I am deeply skeptical of law of attraction. I do not coach or teach in law of attraction. So, you’re not going to get more about vague spiritual laws that may or may not excuse and victim blame atrocities from me. Promise. BUT if Read More


How To Feel Better With The Gratitude Game – Mastering Monday 3

In this episode of Mastering Monday, I teach you how to play The Gratitude Game in order to feel better in the moment as well as in the longterm. The Gratitude Game is a very simple activity and something I learned from studying the law of attraction (I think from Abraham/Esther Hicks), BUT you don’t have to be into LOA to get results from it. (TBH, my personal opinion on LOA as a whole is Read More


How Do You Find The Money To Pursue Your Passions? – Mastering Mondays 2

How do you find the money to pursue your passions? This is a question (or at least complaint) that I hear often. And sadly, this is one of those blocks that holds people back more often than not because without money, it’s hard to pursue your passions–just like it can be hard to just work for money and ignore your passions day in and day out! You can find the money to pursue your passion, Read More


Mental Health is Rapport Between the Conscious and Unconscious – Mastering Mondays 1

In this episode, we explore Milton Erickson’s claim that mental health is rapport between the conscious and unconscious minds. This is an idea tossed around by many, but usually discussed in an abstract way. I wanted to discuss how the idea that mental health is rapport between the conscious and unconscious mind relate to individual people. Hence, this video. This is the first episode of my new weekly show, “Mastering Mondays”. I’m very excited about Read More


Jurassic Bark and the Meaning of Love

I have a love for older cartoons. So, today, I watched an episode of Futurama called “Jurassic Bark“. (If you haven’t seen it, it’s a show about a pizza guy, Fry, who was accidentally cryogenically frozen on New Years 1999/2000 and unfrozen in 3000.) The episode is really well constructed and almost won an Emmy. And if you haven’t seen it, I hope you watch it before reading this post as I spoil it… But Read More

No Light for Denver Hypnosis

How You Trap Yourself With Language

Language binding is something many people rarely think about. I, as an NLP practitioner, think about it all the time. Let’s think about it simply at first. Think of the phrase, “I know I have limitations.” (A phrase you’re highly unlikely to get someone to say!) Notice something linguistically too: the phrase “I know I have limitations” is temporally open. It’s to say, “I know I have limitations” (for all time) assuming no end in Read More

Trinka My Cat

How I Quit A Lifelong Addiction to Soda Instantly

Last week, I wrote about how personal change happens instantly. So, in this post, I wanted to take that idea further and describe how I recently made a massive (for me) personal change instantly. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve had a lifelong addiction to cola. In my life, the longest I’ve spent without drinking one is about 12 days. As a 29 year old professional hypnotist, I’m almost ashamed to say that I Read More

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Personal Change Happens Instantly

Many of my teachers have told me that personal change happens instantly. It took me a long time to really take this idea seriously; however, in my successful clients and my anecdotal personal experience, there’s almost always that moment where “something just snaps” or you experience “the last straw”. All of a sudden, there is something that just pops and a person makes a decision or has a realization they can’t change. From there, they Read More

“Last Words to Someone” and Hypnosis

People often look at what I do baffled. I explain that I use focused attention and imagination in order to help people to work through things in their minds and what happens depends 100% on what the client needs. So, I thought I’d detail a case study of how a hypnotic process helped me with a personal issue and discuss my emotional movement through grief to relief using hypnotherapy. When someone close to you dies, Read More