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180 theory180 Theory is a hypnotherapy practice located at 2620 South Parker Road Suite 370 Aurora, CO 80014 that specializes in smoking, weight loss, phobias, trauma, anxiety, and sports performance. Hypnotherapy, Denver residents are slowly starting to find, is a practical, simple, and highly effective tool for change.

180 Theory’s mission is to help 1,000+ people make a 180 in their lives over the next five years.

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What Is 180 Theory Hypnotherapy Denver?

What Is 180 Theory Hypnotherapy Denver?


180 Theory hypnotherapy Denver began after I became so obsessed with hypnosis that I changed life paths and dedicated my life to it. This obsession grew out of my personal need to have a technology that could allow me to deal with a massive amount of stress; decrease anxiety; help me overcome fears, habits and addictions; improve my performance; and work through my childhood baggage. (Learn more about 180 Theory by clicking here.)

Over half a decade of hypnotherapy study later, I have a plethora of techniques to help others and selves relax, alter emotions and beliefs, quickly decrease anxiety, ameliorate fear responses, decrease reactions to painful memories of the past (and the uncomfortable “panic attack” like experiences that can happen because of them)… And I have a deeper understanding than most hypnotherapists of what it means to make those changes on a personal level because I’ve made a lot of them with hypnotherapy myself.

180 Theory is dedicated to using hypnotherapy to change the lives of over 1,000 Denver residents in the next five years. I, Joshua Howard (owner and hypnotherapist), hope that you decide to become one of them by reaching out to me at (720) 432-1806.

Our session length, hypnotic processes, and therapy plan is built specifically around you in order to address your specific needs. Everyone deserves a unique approach in therapy and this is what you get here.

So, take a look around and discover just how working with 180 Theory hypnotherapy Denver can help you make the changes you are looking for. Our hypnotherapy services page lists the services we provide, delve into our blog or our YouTube page to learn more about hypnosis, and download a free (almost) 40 minute stress relief hypnosis audio.

About Staff of 180 Theory Hypnotherapy Denver and Aurora

Joshua Howard, a hypnotherapist in Aurora at 180 TheoryJoshua Howard, CHt, Registered Psychotherapist – Colorado
Owner and hypnotherapist // (720) 432-1806

I used to be a skeptic. I was stressed from running a small business, wrapping up my undergraduate studies, way too much personal drama, grief, a break-up, and struggling with a general sense of uncertainty about the future. As far as I could tell, life really sucked and I was stuck no matter what I did.

I was first introduced to hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) by a business coach and thought that it was all nonsense. How could going into a deep relaxing state help me with my business, personal life, and anxiety? I was soon proved wrong when I learned that all of the “little” issues I had were blocking me from my best life. Not to mention the impact of the big issues…

Hypnosis brought these hidden and suppressed emotions and thought patterns to the surface and allowed me to clear the path towards my best life ever. I earned my Clinical Hypnotherapy education at the Denver School of Hypnotherapy in 2014 and finished my internship/supervision in late 2015. My education and training combined with my first-hand knowledge of the power of hypnosis propelled me to share the incredible power of hypnosis with others.

I’m passionate about getting to know my clients and understanding exactly where their mental, emotional, and physical blocks stem from, so that together we can pull everything to the surface and let it go. I have found that nearly every block, emotional experience, or thought pattern can be dramatically altered with hypnosis. My clients see me for a wide array of concerns ranging from fear of public speaking to reducing traumatic memories. Call me. Let me show you how hypnosis can work for you.

I want to see you thrive. To conquer the obstacles that have been in your path. To learn how to see when new ones are coming and know how to handle them. To let go of everything holding you back. To live your best life.

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