Here are some of the many reasons to choose 180 Theory Hypnotherapy Denver:


Hypnotherapy is Brief and Solution Oriented

Our work together at 180 Theory hypnotherapy Denver is directed at making changes in your beliefs, feelings, or behavior. Our sessions are personalized to you and your specific situation and not tailored around a convoluted theory, practice, or step process like many other therapy or coaching methods. This often causes hypnotherapy to be a much more brief intervention than other forms of therapy. (I see the average client 2-4 times per issue.)

Hypnotherapy Offers Natural Stress Relief

At 180 Theory, you are invited to feel comfortable, relax, and to delve deep into your unconscious processes in a safe, quiet, calm environment. Once you learn how to go into trance, you can do it at will: anytime, anywhere. Just imagine how much better your life will be once you know how to relax when you wanted to because you wanted to... with just a little hypnotherapy in Denver.

Hypnotherapy is Perfectly Natural

Trance is a natural state people slide in and out of all day long. In other words, using hypnosis is just using your mind to change itself rather than having to take drugs, push through the pain, or go to years of therapies centered on slow change. You can count on the work we do together at 180 Theory hypnotherapy Denver to be brief, simple, natural, and personalized specifically to you.

Hypnotherapy is Completely Safe

Hypnotherapy is safe: it's impossible to get stuck in hypnosis; your unconscious processes will protect you from anything you disagree with or perceive to be dangerous; it's not about control--we co-create the experience: you drive, I navigate; nothing Satanic happens; and you get to find yourself driving the bus in your life (more and more often...)

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Looking for effective hypnotherapy near Denver Tech., Denver, Aurora, Parker, Glendale? Then, look no further than 180 Theory. I specialize in anxiety, trauma, phobias, stress, smoking, weight loss, and sports improvement; however, I'm more than happy to tell you if I can help with other issues or to refer you to other hypnotherapists if I cannot.

Call now for your complimentary phone consultation to see if hypnosis is actually the right thing for you now and what your options are: (720) 432-1806.

My sessions are two relaxing and full hours (or more) in length and we get to work on the first session. This combined with the power of hypnosis, makes hypnotherapy or coaching often more cost effective than traditional therapy.

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